Wire Writing Secrets Review: Do You Have a Money Making Hobby?

Wire Writing Secrets
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If you are planning to make your hobby an income source, you have hit a jackpot.
I am a fashion designer student. I love designing, stitching, Jewelry or any vogue. Fashion designer courses are not easy to afford. I did evening shift jobs in supermarkets but still I would run for some extra cash. I can’t earn much from what I am learning because a perfect finished work in fashion designer demands for good amount of time. If I would go for any part time job or internship, that would cost too much of my time and effort which is much needed in my studies. So, I was desperately looking for something that could use my craft and give me decent amount of money for labor I put in.

Self Doubting

I would like to quote author of the book here:

Here are a few hurdles we come across when we start out on a new venture. We ask ourselves few questions:

  • How long would it take to learn this new skill?
  • Could I do it?
  • Would I be nervous selling to the public?
  • Would my work be good enough?
  • Where do I get all my supplies?
  • Could I afford it?
  • What if it turns out that I commit to this and I fail miserably? I would have wasted my time and money.
  • Will I do what I usually do – start something and never finish it?

Thanks to my friend, Ana

My friend, Ana who was interning as a Jewelry designer told me about a book named: Wire Writing Secrets over a dinner. She told me that it is about How to make Personalized Wire Jewelry for fun & profit and how could I use my DIY craft for some extra income. She was all about praise for the book. Not to forget, she admires the work of Andrew Turner, author of the book. I heard her but didn’t buy the book.
It was somewhere at back of my mind. Two weeks later I saw the e-book available online while surfing for something on Amazon store. It reminded me the good reviews given by Ana. I read other reviews as well and ordered it.

What comes with the book?

Book image from http://www.own-craft-business.com/?hop=legshe

To my surprise, after ordering the Wire Writing Secrets book, Andy Turner provided me with a bunch of goodies:

  • Wire Writing Secrets – How To Make Personalized Jewelry For Fun And Profit book
  • 20 Crucial Tips on How To Make A Better Personalized Wire Name book: in this book, people will discover simple and easy tips to improve wire writing skills.
  • The Absolutely Complete List Of Male First Names book
  • The Absolutely Complete List Of Female First Names book
  • Downloadable Printable Cheat Sheet book
  • How To Make An “Amy” Pin video
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free lifetime Wire Writing Secrets upgrades
  • Technical support available by phone or by email

Threesome: Me, My Kindle and the book

I started reading the book. I know few books which motivate a person from no sales, technical and marketing background but they can’t convey to actually get things done. In my review, this book definitely tells you YOU CAN DO IT and HOW TO DO IT? First six pages will make you feel that Andrew was someone like us and you who struggled a lot find himself. Someone who wanted to do something of his own, wanted be own boss. This is what everyone aspires. This Is what caught me and I could totally connect to him.

Overview About Coverage

Wire Writing Secrets is a guidebook with step by step instructions on how to make wire name Jewelry and be successful at it. Andrew Turner or “Andy the Name Bender” as he is better known as online, has written this program. He has been working in this business for more than two decades. This book has 26 years of his knowledge and best practices with full instructions and easy to follow photographs and diagrams. If you really want your craft or hobby to convert into business without taking any big risk, this book is for you. Let me give you an overview about what this book offers.

What will you need to get it started?

First five pages tell all tools you need to get lessons started. Very clearly it explains about the importance of each tool. It’s easy to follow because he has recommended few tools with minute specifications. Plus, embedded illustrations bring more clarity.

Using Raw Material

It’s quite obvious that the learner will be using wires to make Jewelry pieces. The obvious question arises in reader’s mind- there are so many kinds of raw materials for wires. Which one to choose? Andrew has answered all doubts from wire thickness to stiffness. Everything, from copper to Gold wires.

Grips, loops and bends

The book describes about correct techniques of using pliers while gripping and designing. Each part of a plier is well explained. It has clearly advised the length of wires needed for name necklace and pins. Every dimension is well mentioned. Making of all types of loops, bends and crimps are explained step by step. Almost all alphabets are covered in this.

Designing Alphabets and numbers

You will get an extensive reading and learning material for designing each alphabet for Jewelry. It has discrete instructions for each upper and lower case alphabet. About 100 pages are covered for learning in making all alphabets. There’s a page for each letter. 10 pages are covered in teaching how to make numbers. What else you want?

Names and Embellishing with heart

The book has bit by bit instructions to make a name pendant and pin. It has 4 pages to emphasize on special combination of letters. It will help you to make an artsy Jewelry piece having a full name and a heart shape under it. There are thorough instructions for few names that will give you an idea for other names as well.

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Why I totally recommend this book in my review:

  • I like the way the writer kicked off lessons with a motivational talk.
  • The book coverage is quite vast and it answered all my possible doubts. Andrew totally understands the mind-set of a person who is a fresher in Jewelry making.
  • Readability is great and it is written in a very interactive manner. It seems the writer is sitting next to you and explaining with a pilot piece.
  • Instructions are very clear. Every work demand and direction is explained with baby steps and gradually making a bigger picture.
  • The tools and raw material requirements and specifications are accessible and easy to understand. If it weren’t, I would have surely got lost in the market survey.
  • Illustrations are very clear. You can zoom in and have a better look at the gripping and handling nuances.
    It has extra tips and ideas to set up your business without wasting much time, money and effort.
  • The book uncovers some tips on how to set up your booth or sell at weekend events and markets
    There are other online programs and books which are way more expensive when compared with this package.
  • One doesn’t have to give up my studies or day job to learn and sell.
  • The author is so confident about his words that the e-book comes with a full 3 months 100% money back guarantee. You can buy it and test the program without any risk at all. For any reason, you don’t like it or it doesn’t work out, you can get all your refund.

Here are few reviews from other readers

User review from http://www.own-craft-business.com/?hop=legshe


How did I benefit from it?

While and after reading, I practiced for a month. I made trial neck pieces for my friends and family. Improved on it every day. Took reviews from everyone to make pieces better. Then two weeks later, I was ready to take the plunge and opened a stall in a Sunday market- ended up earning about 370 bucks which gave me motivation and experience.

For next week, with better planning for taking orders for delivery, I made 550 bucks. I started putting up stalls in schools and other exhibits. After few weeks, I promoted my Jewelry on Facebook to increase my client base. I have started getting orders almost every day. Sometimes in bulk too. This whole experience has given me good exposure and lessons about sales and marketing.
Six months ago, a girl who was struggling to get some extra cash is now an independent girl who hasn’t gone through any technical training or business administration studies but still running her small business.
It will take some time to learn and switch tools with better grip and control when it comes to bending and squeezing wires. It’s okay to make scratches and dents in first few practice pieces. You can purchase some of his online tutorials as well in case you feel like learning more and improving your skills. On the whole, it’s a good investment with great returns.

Best Part

For any request for support and doubt, please go to the contact page to ask him. The author, Andy Turner would love to help you learn his experience in making wire name jewelry. In addition, you can have a look at for more information and frequently asked questions on the FAQ page of his website.

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Wire Writing Secrets book comes gives lots of 25 years of knowledge for very less price. All other learning programs similar to this come for higher end cost.
Each step for every letter and number is clearly written out and photographed.
The language is very easy to follow and understand.
The author understands the readers’ frame of mind and has tried his best clear the doubts.


Sales tips could have been more detailed.
I expected a quick review session by end of the book.
More shapes other than alphabets, numbers, and words could have been included.
The e-book should have had few elaborate videos for the readers who are totally naive about handling tools.

Summary: Wire Writing Secrets is a great book to start making your hobby a profession or a medium to earn few extra bucks. In addition to improving your skill set, the book will make you learn marketing, sales tips and tricks. This book motivates you to take a plunge, give it a try and earn well with very low investment cost.

RatingRated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (2 )


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on 2017-07-18 07:32:57

I love making custom jewelry. But I didn't know that I can make some real money out of it. The book really helped understand the whole process, and now I have started to make decent money. I am literally very happy with the product

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • User Friendly
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  • Value for Money
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  • Effective
    User: 94%
  • Quality
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  • Support
    User: 93%

Got my side job finally!

on 2017-07-16 10:21:47

I wanted to supplement my income and was researching various things that I could sell on Etsy.com. This is where I came across this amazing book that taught me how I can earn through jewelry. Now my income and customers are increasing and I am very happy to tell you that I can

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