EZ Wood Project Designer Review: Design Any Creation You Wish?

EZ Wood Project Designer
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Oh, I can sense quality woodwork in the air! Woodworking is a noble, nowadays almost forgotten skill. Indeed, why would you go through all that trouble if you can buy a chair, table or whatever you need in a store? Well, those who are in love with woodworking know that it’s well worth the effort. In this review, I will talk about good old woodwork and one very special product that all woodwork enthusiasts should try out.

On woodworking


The history of the woodwork (woodwork in general) goes way back into the history of homo sapiens. In fact, along with wood and animal parts (such as bones or skin), wood was one of the first materials used by humans.

We grew fond of it, realized its potential not just for construction, but also art. According to Wikipedia, woodworking was important for Egyptians, essential for Romans and Chinese. But, with time, woodworking met technology, a technology that turned woodworking into a mass production industry.

Nowadays, if someone is doing woodwork, they do it for love. And that is a good thing! Making your furniture, working on your project is good for mind and body, and I can see the therapeutical effect of woodworking on people that enjoy it.

Woodworking meets Internet


Woodworking falls under the DIY (do it yourself) category (not necessarily, but it often does). Since the rise of the Internet, a vast amount of data regarding woodworking has been accumulated on various forums, websites, blogs, which is excellent!

It is great that people come together and share their views on woodwork, their ideas, tools, and techniques. However, not everything is perfect. Why? Well, a lot of that data is bad data. Also, there is a lot of preconfigured data.

By this I mean that a lot of people share rigorous data and blueprints about particular projects, leaving little to no room for creativity. What if you want to change something? Moreover, what if you’re going to make something on your own? Maybe you have an idea in your head, and you want to do something about it, but you don’t know how would you do it.

Furthermore, it is often near impossible to alter the designs you find online (or anywhere else, for that matter). So, instead of finding a preconfigured designs, shouldn’t you look for a collection of templates and patterns that will help you design from 0? Something that will help you be creative and allow you to grow as a carpenter? Well, maybe you don’t have to look that far because I believe I found a solution for you: EZ Wood Project Designer!

What is EZ Wood Project Designer?

old school workshop

Ez Wood Project Designer is a perfect tool for woodworking enthusiasts regardless of their experience. It is a collection of templates, guidelines, and diagrams that will help you build. This project designer isn’t a computer software; all you need is a pencil and willingness to create! In fact, if you can imagine it, you can build it with the help of EZ Wood Project Designer.

This woodworking project designer is perfect for beginners since it contains a lot of essential yet fundamental techniques you need to learn. And don’t worry; you don’t’ have to be an artist to work with wood.

As I said it before, all you need to have is an idea of what your project should look like. Then you will, with the help of this project designer, quickly make your concept alive and real.

Magic drawing cubes


Anyone who decides to buy the EZ Wood Project Manager receives three magic cube planners. Each of these planners has something unique:

  • Basic cube: perfect for sketching projects such as cabinets, tables, workbenches, even sheds, and playhouses. This planner is an excellent tool for beginners because the room for error is very marginal. Nevertheless, experienced carpenters and DIY enthusiasts will surely utilize and use this planner to its maximal potential!
  • Tall cube: this cube planner is perfect if you want to design bookcases, tall cabinets, or outdoor projects like pergolas and trellises. Pay attention to the details and this planner will serve its purpose.
  • Wide cube: if you want to design decks, patios, stairs, retaining walls, etc., then wide cube is your goto tool. It will not only help you build the project you want but will also help you improve your idea as you go along.

Building material

tools for woodwork

Another important aspect of the woodworking is, of course, the wood itself. Those familiar with any woodwork know very well that lumber isn’t cheap. Because of that, you have to be efficient and make sure that nothing goes to waste. For this very reason, you will receive the Cutting Guides.

These guides will help you determine how many boards you will need for each project. Moreover, you will find the best place to cut each piece to avoid waste. You will receive 1×2, 1×4, 1×10, 2×4 and 2×6 cutting guides!

You will also receive an exclusive 4×8 plywood cutting guide used for cutting on the 4×8 panel. Those that seek additional precision will probably enjoy the eight scale ruler for designing precise dimensions. It is important to say that both the ruler and the companion graph paper are 1:12 scale. This scale will give you a beautiful, synoptic view of your work, providing you a broader image, thus expanding your perspective.

Project designer and materials list


Believe it or not, organizing your project and sticking to it is often harder than the actual work on your project. This notion especially applies to artistic people, for they usually have tendencies mess up the organization and have troubles with creating schedules and plans. For this very reason, you will get a project timeline template and the materials list template.

  1. In the timeline template, you can write down the necessary steps to complete the project. This preparation may help you avoid mistakes and obstacles that might present themselves along the way.
  2. A materials list will help you calculate and measure the supplies you’ll need for your project. Do a complete calculation of material and create a shopping list. Establishing a regular shopping list will save you time and energy along the way. What materials do you need? What kind of tools and accessories you’ll use for this particular project? Write it down in the materials list.

Pilot holes guide

construction job

Once you buy, measure, cut and saw, you will need to assemble the pieces. This part can be tricky for beginners, especially when it comes to constructing wood joints. Having a jointer and planer will help, but you probably don’t have these expensive tools. You’ll probably get them shortly, but for a beginner, it is essential to stick to the basics.

For that reason, the EZ Wood Project included something called EZ Pilot Hole Guide. Now, as I already said it, you don’t need expensive tools to build your first project. All you need is some essential tools like glue and screws.

However, you will need to master drilling pilot holes. Pilot holes need to be drilled at the dead center of the wood joint, right at the crossroad of the two wood pieces. EZ Pilot Hole Guide is a foolproof method for drilling a pilot hole, allowing you to build the good first project. It will also help you along the road.

Once you master it, hopefully, you’ll no longer need the pilot hole guide.

Bonus package


Let’s assume you have the desire to work, but don’t know where to start and how to start. Well, with My First Project bonus, you will witness step by step instructions on how to build your first project. I cannot stress enough the importance of creating your first plan, whatever it is.

This bonus was designed uniquely for beginners, and I’m sure a lot of you will benefit from this gift.

For instance, you will learn how to build a bookcase, workbench or a cutting station. They all have unique planning methods that act almost like training. They are designed to be both fun and educative. You will work on things like height and width. Once you set your dimensions, you will need to calculate the number of boards you need.

You will also need to set the size for those boards. As you can see from this simple example, there are a lot of steps you will have to go through once you start your first project. Going through it alone might be ambitions, perhaps even too ambitious for a beginner.

That’s why you will rely on the help of the EZ Wood Project Designer, assured that you’ll learn the necessary steps to become a carpenter.

Should you buy it?

machine in carpentry

There are a lot of positive reviews about the EZ Wood Project Designer. Honestly, I could go on and on about this product, but those who want to buy it will buy it.

In my opinion, the EZ Wood Project Designer is worth buying. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced woodworkers, with an emphasis on beginners.

Atop of all the bonuses, you’ll receive (you can check all the gifts by clicking on the link at the bottom), you are also protected by the 60-day money back guarantee. In case you don’t like it, you can refund it. But, those with interest in woodwork will surely love it. If you are indecisive, visit the product page, read some other reviews, do the research; you’ll only find good things about this project designer.

Click this link to get started using the EZ Wood Project Designer today – design anything you want to build and get started building it!


Easy to follow
Easy to use
Money back guarantee
Free gifts


Lack of customer service
Not a software (this might disappoint some people)

Summary: EZ Wood Project Designer is a collection of guides, templates, and diagrams that will help you build on your own. The only thing you need to use this product is a pencil and a love for woodwork. The product has excellent tools and features, with very valuable bonuses.

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